Are You Ready to Manifest Your Desired Reality From a Receptive, Empowered Divine Feminine Vibration?

Throughout history women have transformed the world with love and devotion. Their true valor came from their relationship with the Divine Feminine. Many of us have lost the ability to access this power, as we mistakenly bought into the illusion that success requires us to minimize or even silence our femininity. Now more than ever, the world needs WOMEN OF VALOR to wake up and enjoy success as leaders, lovers, mothers, sisters & friends without compromising their femininity, health or authenticity.

Get to Know Yourself Intimately as a Binahtit

A Woman of Valor who is Ready to Rebirth the World Back to Love!

Join me every Monday at 6:00pm EST - for a weekly class of the Binahtit Wellness Membership.

Here's How The Binahtit Wellness Membership Can Support You!

This online subscription will help you reconnect to your Divine Feminine through movement, ancient wisdom, Kabbalistic Rituals, and meditation. You’ll learn to access your Divine Feminine, embrace yourself fully, love your sacred body, celebrate your sexuality, receive the love of a soul mate, heal your core wounds, let go of codependencies, and remove any need for outer validation. 


A Woman of Valor

Takes the Time to Examine the Current Perception of Womanhood in Her Lineage and culture!

What Will You Learn?

Each class is designed to have a unique focus to help you connect to your higher spiritual power and bring on the good luck! Classes are 75 minutes long and include:

Divine Feminine Ancient Wisdom

Cultivate a consistent relationship with the Divine Feminine in all her forms, so you can manifest your “Desired Reality” in love relationship, personal development, and wellbeing!  By restoring the Divine Feminine to daily life, you can rebalance the distorted masculine and feminine polarities. 


Sacred Movement & Sound Healing

Honor the Divine Feminine essence - Mother Kundalini Shechinah - within you and invoke an ancient, timeless connection to the Goddess, through movement, meditation, and sacred essential oil anointments. Your ability to care for your body support your ability to care for others, and the great body of Mother Earth herself. 

Restorative Kabbalistic Rituals

Summon truer love, deeper connection, and lasting healing, and step into becoming an empowered being who is capable of following her intuition and guidance. Each ritual uses an advanced sequence of the names of God along with visualization to help you reveal your true valor.  

The World of a Woman of Valor
Stands on Three Things

Divine Feminine Ancient Wisdom, the Goddess and Loving Kindness!

You Are a Soul Who Lives In a Physical Body!

Yet, like most of us you probably tend to often identify with your body and forget about your soul. Your power lies within your soul! Having a consistent spiritual practice will help you sort out this false identification. You will stop seeking outer validation, or spending unnecessary time on worry and/or anxiety. You will finally step into becoming an empowered being who is capable of following her intuition and guidance. The Binahtit Wellness Membership will help you to connect to your spiritual essence in a practical and fun way. You'll meet like - minded women who share your values and are committed to help you become a true Binahtit – a courageous, unapologetic, lovingly assertive spiritual woman! 

" Sivan has been for me this kind of rare gift that the universe sometimes grants you in life in the form of a Teacher. Sivan's wisdom is beyond description. She not only has enlightened me in the teachings of Kabbalah, Shakti Naam and Ayurveda, but she also has an intuitive capacity to read your heart and guide you to find the answers you are looking for, which makes her a true life coach."

Bisila Bokoko
Entrepreneur and philanthropist





 $21 per class

Binahtit Meditation

24 hours Access  






$19 per class 

Binahtit Meditation

24 hours Access






$15 each 

20% off 1 Coaching Session 

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Binahtit Meditation 

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Binahtit Wellness Membership
Classes Available for Purchase

* The Power of Your Womb * Healing Core Wounds * Accessing Your Sexual Energy * Soul Mate Activation * Connecting With Your Inner Child * Creating Wealth * Working with the Angels * Your Spiritual DNA Decoded * Inviting Aphrodite * Mary Magdalene * Helping Your Masculine Lineage * Lifting the Veil of Isis * Cultivating the Powers of the Sphinx * Rewrite Your Birth Karma * Healing Codependency * Open Yourself to Love * Activating Athena * Awakening Sophia * Queen Shiba * Inviting Gaia * Your erotic blueprint 4-part series * Song of Songs 4-part series

Hi. I'm Sivan. I'm Here to Help!


I'm a wellness experts and the founder of Binahtit, a company dedicated to helping Women of Valor to reclaim their success without compromising their femininity & health. I've empowered thousands of women to manifest their goals and dreams. I can assure you that it all starts with having the right method! With over 20 years of experience in yoga & meditation, Clinical Nutrition,  Ayurvedic Medicine and Universal Kabbalah I'm committed to helping you on your Divine Feminine journey. I'll provide you with my unique Binahtit Method for translating your dreams into reality by accessing the Divine Feminine  energy within. My ultimate goal is to enable you to live a powerful authentic life starting NOW!

It doesn’t matter if you've had a spiritual practice for years or this is the beginning of your journey. If you want to learn to develop a meaningful relationship with the Divine Feminine and BRING ON THE BLESSINGS the Binahtit Wellness Membership is FOR YOU!

If you want to EXPERIENCE DEEP, SIGNIFICANT SUBSTANTIAL CHANGE in your love relationship, your career and your wellbeing the Binahtit Wellness Membership is FOR YOU!

Wherever you are in the world, I guarantee that the resources and guidance I share in the Binahtit Wellness Membership will help you MAXIMIZE YOUR HEALTH through strengthening your immunity, digestion and nervous system

If you want FIND YOUR POWER within vulnerability, transparency and receptivity the Binahtit Wellness Membership is FOR YOU!

As I Ignite the Divine Feminine Within

My Prayers are Answered at the Speed of Light!


Would you like to meet like minded women who will inspire you, uplift you and have your back. The Binahtit Wellness Membership offer that and so much more. When you join our tribe you can guarantee ...

You've Got Questions?

The Binahtit Wellness Membership is an online subscription designed to help you connect to your soul, stay passionate about your spiritual practice so you can bring the blessings on! Every week on Monday at 6:00pm EST we’ll meet online via zoom. I promise you’ll get inspiring content that will transform your life! Each membership category has extra perks for you. All classes will be available to watch at your convenience  on the Membership Portal. 

The Binahtit Wellness Membership is available on the Membership Portal. Once you enroll you’ll have an access to log in to the portal and access all the classes — for the current month AND all previous months. You can access the Membership portal from your computer, tablet or smartphone. 

Each class is 75 minutes long and will include Kabbalistic Wisdom & Meditations, Health Recommendations & Restorative Healing Rituals. Every week we will focus on a unique topic to help you bring on the blessings! Class will include yogic movement based on Naam Yoga, sound meditation, pranayam/ breath work, and health recommendation for the week based on the season and the global climate. 

Absolutely! The Binahtit Wellness Membership is for anyone who would like to deepen her existing practice or wants to start a spiritual practice. All you need is a burning desire to connect to your highest spiritual potential! Leave the rest to me:) Instead of feeling anxious, and overwhelmed in the midst of a world pandemic you can lean on my spiritual guidance as you gain access back to your soul! 

Absolutely! The Binahtit Wellness Membership applies “The Binahtit Method” which combines proven formulas for success and wellbeing from multiple modalities including Universal Kabbala, Ayurvedic, Naam Yoga & Meditation, and Clinical Nutrition. I can guarantee that my Binahtit Method works! 

I’ve been on a spiritual path for a long time:) I was born and raised in Israel, and from a young age I was exposed to the mysteries and traditions of Kabbalah and the science of the body’s healing potential. I grew up surrounded by many powerful women who taught me to connect to the Divine Feminine energy within, and to heal myself  and others with herbs and homemade remedies. 

I hold a Master’s Degree in Nutrition, and I studied Ayurvedic Medicine under the guidance of an Ayurvedic Master.  I’m an active member of the International Naam Yoga Therapies Teacher Training Program Team. I’ve been sharing this wisdom in “The Binahtit Immersion Retreats” in various locations in the US, India, Mexico, Brazil and Israel. I’m also a certified Harmonyum practitioner, an alternative healing technique that balances the autonomic nervous system, promoting the body’s capacity to heal itself and slow the aging process. So as you can see I absolutely love spiritual technology. That said, like anyone else I can have off days, and what keeps me going is my spiritual practice and the wisdom of Kabbalah. That’s why I decided to create this Membership now more than ever to support you wherever you are - physically, emotionally and mentally.

All classes will be available on the Binahtit Wellness Membership Portal waiting for you! You can view them at at time that is comfortable to you!

The content of the Binahtit Wellness Membership online classes is for your general information and personal use only. These online classes contain material which is owned by or licensed to Sivan Einav, and cannot be duplicated and/or used for teaching.  

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There is a Deep Connection Between the Creative Universal Force & Your Sexuality

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